We provide professional services in the following fields:

Diversification into various business fields
- Power Sector
- Railways and
- Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Refinaries

Project Management Services
- Master Planning, Scope Definition and Project Initiation
- Time and Cost Saving Methodologies
- Extension of Time Claims Development and Evaluations
- Acceleration, Loss & Expenses, Variation Orders claims Development/Evaluations
- Programme Management Services
- Detailed Strategies Achievement Against Specific Clients Requirement
- Quality Management
- Contract Administration
- Construction Management
- Commissioning and Handover
- Project Close-out and Asset Aftercare
- Develop, Identification and Monitor Risk Management Strategies

Power Systems Management
- Installation, Testing & Commissioning
- Power System Engineering / Design Consultant

Electrical & Instrumentation
- E&I Installation, Testing & Commissioning
- Electrical and Mechanical Installations For Power Projects
- Electro-mechanical Installations, Testing & Commissioning

Manpower supply
- Manpower supply Skilled and Unskilled Manpower Supply
- Specilised Electrical Testing & Commissioning team

Training and Talent Development
- Leadership
- Communication & Presentation skills
- Creative thinking skills

Specilised Education Programmes For Youth